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HI-POINT are qualified to install new anchor points and height safety systems, HI-POINT are also qualified to inspect and recertify existing anchorage and height safety systems to ensure full compliance with both Australian Standards and WHS legislation. If unsure when the anchorage system was last certified, a tag should be attached.

Australian Standards require an inspection of anchorage systems at least every 12 months to maintain certification. Manufacturers sometimes specify more frequent inspections and if anchor points have been used to arrest a fall, they are to be removed from service and require a further inspection.

During recertification, HI-POINT will visually inspect the anchor points, fixings and the material to which they are attached, checking for wear and tear or damage. We employ specialist calibrated testing equipment.

HI-POINT inspects anchorage systems in line with AS/NZS 1891.4:2009 (industrial fall arrest systems and devices) and AS/NZS 4488.1:1997 (industrial rope access systems). A full inspection report will be provided to show that the system is compliant with Australian Standards.

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