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For A Quality Fall Protection System, Contact HI-POINT, Installer Of Safety Arrest Systems For Sydney High-Rise Buildings

Having your Sydney high-rise building cleaned, serviced, and maintained requires the skills of highly trained professionals like those at HI-POINT. The company has over 20 years of combined experience in industrial rope access and has worked on some of the most prominent buildings in the city. The technicians at HI-POINT can also install effective safety arrest systems for Sydney buildings. A safety arrest system can help to prevent a disastrous fall and keep an accident from occurring. The installation of these systems is just one of the many things that HI-POINT can do for you.

Install A Safety Arrest System For Your Sydney High-Rise

HI-POINT can install safety arrest systems for your building to ensure the safety of tradesmen and workers who use rope access to complete their jobs. HI-POINT technicians can install anchor points so that fall arrest systems can be put into place. The IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certified staff at HI-POINT also inspects and certifies existing anchor points. Certification of anchor points is required once every year and even more frequently if the anchorage has been used to prevent a fall. In a case where an anchor has been employed to arrest a fall, the point must be inspected more often.

HI-POINT will inspect those points and ensure that a safety arrest system is fully functional and will do its job when called upon.

Certified Tradesmen, Qualified Industrial Abseilers

In addition to anchorage and fall protections systems, HI-POINT has a staff of certified tradesmen who are qualified abseilers. This allows them to operate in difficult access situations. The Sydney skyline lights up at night and HI-POINT makes sure that it does so by providing electrical services. The company has certified electricians who are also qualified in rope access and able to provide services such as lighting maintenance and repair. HI-POINT has worked on some of the most iconic buildings that make up the Sydney architectural landscape.

All electrical services must be performed by licensed electrical contractors. That includes work on any luminaire or neon sign. Businesses that choose not to use a licensed contractor are subject to some serious fines. HI-POINT is the only company in Sydney that can provide this type of service and satisfy the requirements laid out by the Department of Fair Trading.

HI-POINT also provides services such as painting, concrete repair, and waterproofing. For example, painting a multi storey building or structure can be an expensive undertaking. The use of rope access helps HI-POINT control costs and offer cost-effective painting solutions to building managers, business owners, and other professionals.

HI-POINT also provides early detection and repair of any problem concrete areas. These areas can have a great impact on safety and cause further structural damage or even physical injury. Again, using rope access, HI-POINT can eliminate the need for heavy machinery and keep costs down when providing concrete repair on high-rise buildings.

To enquire about abseil work in Sydney call the company directly at 0424 594 162.

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