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Save on Painting Expenses, with Rope Access Painters in Sydney

Hiring a company to paint the exterior of an office building or some other multi-story structure can be tricky. Because most commercial or industrial painting companies have to use scaffolding and heavy plant machinery to be able to reach and paint higher areas of the building, these larger painting projects tend to cost a lot of money, take a lot of time and result in a considerable amount of disruption to your day-to-day business.

At HI-POINT, we offer a rope access painting service in Sydney that can solve all or most of the business disruption problems caused by commercial painting projects. In order to understand how we can help your business, though, you’ll need to understand just how painting work—or other exterior work on your building—can be a short-term problem for your business.

The Science of Business Disruption

Picture this: your business is a retail store operating as part of a multi-storey, multi-office high rise. One day, your landlord decides to have the exterior of the building painted, and hires a professional commercial painting company to do the job.

While you know that the paint job will make the building more attractive and upscale—potentially drawing more customers to your business—you also know that you will lose business while the painting is going on. Some customers will see all of the scaffolding and machinery and assume the building is closed for business; others won’t be able to find parking nearby because of all the work going on; in fact, the presence of the painting company might even result in more traffic and congestion around your place of business, which in turn can cause difficulties for getting customers in the door.

Bottom line, multi-storey painting projects are almost always a good choice for businesses and landlords in the long run, but are also almost always a huge pain while the painting work is actually taking place.

Introducing HI-POINT’s Rope Access Painters in Sydney

At HI-POINT, the main appeal of our services for clients is that we help them circumvent all or most of this business disruption. As a rope access painter in Sydney, we provide residential, commercial and industrial painting services without the need for scaffolding or heavy plant machinery. Instead, our painters use ropes, cables and lightweight equipment to abseil down the side of your building and paint as they go.

This suspended cable technique minimises the ground space necessary for our equipment, and instead puts it up in the air. As a result, you don’t lose parking spaces for employees or customers, and you don’t have to deal with a building that looks like it can’t possibly be open for business. The reduced business disruption puts HI-POINT’s rope access painters among the more cost-effective commercial painting options in Sydney.

Ready to see what a rope access painting service can do to add some luster to your multi-storey business headquarters? Email us at HI-POINT today, and let’s set up an appointment to sit down and speak about your project! You can get in touch with us at

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