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Industrial rope abseil access Sydney

HI-POINT: Providing a Range of Industrial Rope Abseil Access Services in Sydney Since 1996

In 1996, HI-POINT was established with the goal of providing a competitive shake-up and trade-quality service to a number of niche industries. Our idea was to use innovative rope access techniques to provide a twist on the services that other companies throughout Sydney were offering. From painting to concrete facade repair, window cleaning to electrical sky signage, we were able to use industrial abseil access to provide building owners with excellent service, minus all of the scaffolding and heavy-duty machinery that other companies in these industries were using.

Now, almost 20 years later, we have become known not only for our innovative abseil access services in Sydney, but also for the high-quality work that we do. Countless companies throughout the local area have become repeat customers of our window cleaning services; we’ve added our fingerprint to the Sydney skyline, with numerous eye-catching LED and neon signs; and we’ve been able to preserve or restore other buildings throughout the city, just by offering painting or maintenance teams who could do work in tough places.

Our Sydney Rope Access Model: How it Works

For most of our services at HI-POINT, our technicians will actually repel down the side of your building and complete the requested service while dangling from a suspended cable. This technique allows our people to get very close to your building, which allows for better attention to detail across the board. The results of this attention to detail can vary depending on the service, but from cleaner windows to more thorough concrete or plaster rendering examinations, it will always benefit you.

The other advantage of our industrial abseil access services in Sydney is that we can get right to work when you need us to. When you hire HI-POINT, no time is wasted on setting up unsightly scaffolding or finding a place to put heavy plant machinery. Instead, our skilled and experienced tradesmen are able to go right to work, setting up their rope systems, abseiling down the side of the building and getting started on window cleaning or sign installation.

Safely Skirting the Dangers of Abseil Access for 20 Years

Sometimes, when we hear from potential clients at HI-POINT, they are intrigued by our industrial rope access techniques, but also have misgivings about the safety of our operations. Luckily, we are able to put those fears to rest simply by citing our most prized statistic: our 100% safety record.

That’s right, since getting into the rope construction and maintenance industries almost 20 years ago, HI-POINT has managed to maintain a completely unblemished safety record. While the high-flying, circus-like nature of our work would be dangerous if we didn’t have a skilled and qualified team, our tradesmen have all been trained in both their specific professions (electrician, concrete mason, etc.) and in abseiling and rope access techniques. Bottom line, we would never put a technician on your building who wasn’t completely qualified and equipped to be there. Our people are simply so experience and well trained that they can provide painting or window cleaning services using rope access methods as safely as other companies could using scaffolding.

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