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High rise window cleaning Sydney

HI-POINT: High Rise Window Cleaning Sydney

At HI-POINT, we have been working in the high rise cleaning, construction and maintenance industries in Sydney for a combined total of nearly 20 years—providing services ranging from window cleaning to electrical work. In that time, we have worked with countless clients throughout the city, on projects and buildings of all shapes and sizes. To this day, we are able to claim a 100% safety record.

Compliance and Safety

Indeed, at HI-POINT, we put both customer satisfaction and employee safety at the top of our priority list. Through strong due diligence procedures, innovative rope access techniques and state-of-the-art equipment we are able to offer a completely safe work environment, in spite of the default dangers of the high risk work we do. At HI-POINT, all of our work is done in full accordance with Australia’s Codes of Practice and Work Cover Guidelines, and our considerable insurance coverage in both the Workers Compensation and Public Liability realms only underlines our reputation as one of the safest high rise window cleaning companies in the Sydney area.

The Art of High Rise Window Cleaning in Sydney

When it comes to hiring a high rise window cleaner in Sydney, you don’t just want to hire anyone. In addition to the importance of licensing, insurance and overall compliance, your company also deserves a cleaning specialist that truly understands the art of high rise window cleaning.

Particularly with skyscrapers, external window cleaning is a challenging art form that only the best can do well.  At HI-POINT though, we like to think that our skilled tradesmen make it look easy, providing gleaming, spotless windows that will make your building look brand new. We can also provide state-of-the-art glass treatments and protective technologies, to keep your windows looking great for longer, and even offer low and high-pressure façade washing, to go along with our high rise window cleaning.

When you work with HI-POINT, you are working with a company whose high rise window cleaners have serviced some of the iconic residential and commercial buildings in Sydney. This is a beautiful city, and your business deserves to have a beautiful building to call its headquarters. With that in mind, give us a call today, and make an appointment to have your windows serviced! You can reach us over the phone, at 0424 594 162.

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