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High rise rendering and signs Sydney

Ensure Peace of Mind, with Professional High Rise Rendering, Sign Installation and Painting in Sydney

Construction and maintenance can be risky jobs without the right people at the forefront. That’s why at HI-POINT,we only hire the most skilled and experienced tradesmen for our rope access services. Our people double as stuntmen and carpenters, painting new coats on your building, repairing cracked or delaminating rendering or installing building signs while dangling from a cable, high above the ground. It’s not the kind of work that everyone can do, but when you work with HI-POINT, you can trust us to execute your Sydney high rise rendering, sign installation or painting job without issue or accident.

The Importance of High Rise Rendering in Sydney

Over time, a building’s rendering—or the coat of plaster or concrete applied to the masonry surface—can lose its luster and become dilapidated. While this kind of wear and tear on a building can certainly reduce the aesthetic appeal of your building, it can also present a major safety hazard. Delaminated renderings can crack, break off and fall from the side of your building to the ground below. There are cases of passerby being killed or severely injured by falling concrete or plaster, and building owners can be held liable for these incidents.

Luckily, HI-POINT can help to circumvent any such civilian injuries or public liability cases. Since 1996, our team has been operating in the rope access construction and maintenance industry in Sydney, and high rise rendering is one of our specialties. While suspended from a lightweight access cable, one of our specialists will inspect your concrete or plaster rendering, assess any delaminating or structural damage and suggest a proper repair strategy. Our team is also capable of carrying our remedial rendering repair in-house.

Qualified High Rise Painters and Sign Installers in Sydney

In addition to performing rendering repairs, HI-POINT also provides services for high rise sign installation and painting in Sydney. Did your company recently get a new logo? We can swap out your old building sign for a new one, to make sure your building is always providing the best and most current face for your brand. Does your building simply need a spring coat of paint, to continue attracting new customers and attention? Our team of high rise painters can revitalise the look of the structure from top to bottom!

For all high rise painting and sign installation work in Sydney (as well as rendering and other rope access services), you won’t have to worry about your building being surrounded by ugly scaffolding or other heavy plant machinery. Where other high rise painters in Sydney might use these structures and machines to do their work, our lightweight rope access techniques simplify the process and allow us to provide quicker, safer and more cost-effective services that we would be able to provide otherwise.

Bottom line, you can trust HI-POINT with your high rise painting, rendering and sign installation needs. With years of experience, considerable public liability and worker’s compensation insurance, innovative rope access techniques and dedication to hiring the best tradesmen in the business, you can always count on us to deliver a safe and high-quality result.

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