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Fall arrest protection systems Sydney

The Best System For Protection Against High-Rise Falls, HI-POINT Can Install Fall Arrest Systems In Sydney To Protect Workers

An effective fall arrest system on a Sydney high-rise is imperative for rope access workers to complete jobs such as painting, cleaning, lighting maintenance, and more. HI-POINT is the Sydney area specialist in high-rise rope access and difficult access situations. The company’s technicians draw on more than 20 years of experience in the industry and provide cost-effective, trade quality service while minimising distractions in the workplace. HI-POINT tradesmen have been operating in the industry since 1996 giving clients high-end service all while maintaining a 100 per cent safety record.

HI-POINT Installs And Inspects Fall Arrest Systems In Sydney

While HI-POINT technicians possess a variety of skills and can provide a number of rope access services, they can also install anchor points to be used by other tradesmen. In addition, these anchor points can be equipped with a fall protection system that Sydney tradesmen can use to perform services like window cleaning, for example. The fall protection system will ensure the safety of a worker who is working on a high-rise building.

HI-POINT also performs certification procedures on existing anchor points. All anchor points need to be certified at least once every 12 months. Any anchor point that has been used to arrest a fall recently must be inspected even more often to ensure its safety. The HI-POINT team is fully qualified to inspect anchor points and determine whether or not they are in compliance with Australian standards and WHS legislation. Technicians physically inspect each anchor point, its fixings, and that to which it is attached. Using the latest in calibrated testing equipment, HI-POINT will determine if there is any damage or excessive wear and tear that would warrant replacement of an anchor point or a component of a fall protection system.

Making The Sydney Skyline Look Beautiful

In addition to arrest systems, maintaining the beauty of the Sydney skyline can be an exhausting process. It can also be a dangerous one, and is best left to professionals that are experienced like those at HI-POINT. One simple, or not so simple, task is window cleaning. HI-POINT provides cost-effective rope access window cleaning that does not require any type of scaffolding or other equipment that typically drives up costs. While cleaning windows, HI-POINT can also provide low and high-pressure washing of a building’s façade.

Electrical work and sky signage maintenance are other areas in addition to fall protection systems for Sydney buildings that HI-POINT provides. It is required by the Department of Fair Trading that all electrical work be completed by a licensed electrician. The HI-POINT staff of technicians includes licensed electricians who are rope access qualified. These individuals can provide service, maintenance, and installation of sky signs and lights that brighten up the Sydney skyline.

For your fall arrest and rope access needs, contact the company that values service and safety. Contact the professionals at HI-POINT by calling 0424 594 162 or 0418 970 167.

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