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The Sydney Skyline Looks Cleaner When Its High-Rise Buildings Sparkle. Give Them A Good Cleaning By Contacting HI-POINT, The Premier Abseil Window Cleaners In Sydney

The Sydney skyline is one of the most picturesque in the entire world. What makes it look even better is when the beautiful high-rise buildings are cleaned and maintained. That includes clean windows, perfect lighting, and more. Getting to those areas to keep them maintained is certainly a challenge and is best left to professionals. HI-POINT is the industrial abseil specialist that can handle a multitude of tasks for building managers, business owners, and other professionals. The company provides abseil window cleaning for Sydney buildings, as well as electrical work, painting, concrete repair, and more. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, HI-POINT provides the most cost-effective solutions in the area.

Safe, Cost-Effective Abseil Window Cleaners In Sydney

While necessary, cleaning the windows of Sydney’s high-rise buildings is also very dangerous. The technicians at HI-POINT are all highly trained and certified in rope access. This method happens to be the most efficient and cost-effective way to gain access to external windows. Rope access eliminates the need for any type of scaffolding. With its experience in the field, HI-POINT has been called upon to work on some of Sydney’s most iconic buildings. Along with its window cleaning capabilities, HI-POINT can also provide both low and high-pressure washing of building facades.

HI-POINT also has an impeccable safety record. All of the company’s work complies with the AS/NZS Codes of Practice and Work Cover Guidelines. HI-POINT is fully insured and understands the potential risks involved with the jobs they undertake. Being an abseil window cleaner in Sydney can be hazardous, but the company has a team of well-trained, highly qualified technicians that follow the correct procedures and have the best equipment to ensure the job gets done safely.

Trust The Licensed Technicians Of HI-POINT

All of the technicians at HI-POINT are licensed and qualified by IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. IRATA is the only trade association of its type in the world and has members on every continent. At HI-POINT, all technicians carry licensing from IRATA but also are licensed in their own trades. HI-POINT technicians are electrical contractors, waterproofers, and more who also happened to be trained in the work-at-height sector.

Why Choose HI-POINT

As a building manager or business owner, you can enhance your professional image by having your place of business cleaned by an experienced cleaner. You can have carpets cleaners come in and have all of the interior offices and rooms cleaned, but the first thing that people see is the exterior. It also makes sense to make sure that all of a building’s exterior lighting works and that any signage is fully functional. When you work with HI-POINT, all of those services and more can be completed by a team of highly trained professionals.

All electrical work on exterior signs must be done by a licensed electrician. At HI-POINT, the job can be completed by a professional electrician who is also a trained rope access technician. Failure to have the work done by a licensed electrician can result in hefty fines.

For all of your abseil needs, contact the professionals at HI-POINT by calling 0424 594 162.

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