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Anchor Points

Australian Standards require an inspection of anchorage systems at least every 12 months to maintain certification. Manufacturers sometimes specify more frequent inspections and if anchor points have been used to arrest a fall, they are to be removed from service and require a further inspection.


The Preservation of caulked expansion joints or window seals are a critical facet of continuous building maintenance. A failed Joint or seal can lead to leaks and flooding, this not only causes internal property damage, it can have a devatsting effect on structural corrosion.

Concrete/Render Repairs

Spalling concrete and delaminating render are a major public liability issue.  Early detection and attention to the problem area greatly reduces the risk of serious injury and progressive structural damage.

Window & Cleaning Services

Rope access is the most efficient and cost effective means for gaining access to external windows. Window cleaning is nothing short of an art form when done properly, our skilled and friendly team have worked on some the most iconic commercial and residential buildings in Sydney.


Painting structure or multi storey buildings can be a costly exercise. Eliminating the use of scaffolding and heavy plant machinery HI-POINT employs lightweight access and rope access techniques to deliver a cost effective and efficient painting solution with minimal disruption.

Electrical/Sky Signage

The department of fair trading states that you must be a licensed electrician to work on any luminaire including pre assembled neon sign. Using unlicensed contractors can carry penalties of up to $110 000 dollars.